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Imagine a world where all people live without poverty, hunger and inequality. No matter where or to whom they were born, whether a girl or a boy, they all have access to education, basic health care, safe drinking water, clean energy and modern technology. Simply to the things you surely take for granted, right?

Such world goal has been set by all United Nations (UN) member states, leading to the creation of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They are a grand plan to change the world. They are commonly referred to as SDGs or also called global goals.

What can the goals show to you?

SDGs may sound like something complicated. But we all play the game to save the planet, not just those who originally agreed on it at the UN. We want to show you what you can do for a better planet.

Because unlike this game, the planet hasn't got infinite lives.

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For the future generation for whom we are changing the world for the better. Created by